Fernando Carulli


Country: Italy

Fernando (a.k.a. Ferdinando) Carulli was born on February 9, 1770, in Naples. A priest taught him the theory of music and cello. He taught himself to play the guitar in his youth, and decided to devote himself to learning and the musical advancement the instrument. His guitar performances in Naples were so successful that he began a European our with confidence. He decided to make the French capital his home in 1809 following a very successful concert tour to Paris. Carulli endeavored to bring the guitar to Paris's upper classes and succeeded as an guitar instructor. Through his collaboration with the famous French luthier Rene Lacote, Carulli contributed to the development of guitar design.

Free sheet music by Fernando Carulli

Andantino in G


Etude in A minor

Op 241 Rondo in C major

Op. 211 no. 6 Moderato