Matteo Carcassi


Country: Italy

The Italian virtuoso guitarist, Matteo Carcassi, hailed from Florence, where he had originally learnt piano, but additionally was taught to play the guitar. At the age of eighteen the young Carcassi made his way to Germany, where he was soon successful as a performer.

Later, in 1815 he earned an additional income as a guitar and piano teacher whilst living in Paris. In 1819, Carcassi met the famous guitarist Antoine Meissonnier, who went on to collaborate with the Italian and assist him in publishing his compositions from his publishing house in Paris. From this time on Carcassi based himself in the French capital.

Professional competition in Paris was intense, partly due to the presence of the feted Ferdinando Carulli. Carcassi found fame and fortune in London with a series of concerts, and also work as a teacher. Eventually he also found success in Paris as well. The 1820s found Carcassi performing in many of the cultural centres of Europe, and he eventually ended his concert career in 1840.

Free sheet music by Matteo Carcassi

Suite No 1

Opus 11 no 3

Etude in F

Suite No. 1