Robert Schumann


Country: Germany

The German composer, Robert Schumann, is widely regarded as a fine example of a Romantic composer from the 19th century. A virtuoso pianist, Schumann abandoned his legal studies to be taught by Friedrich Wieck, who believed that Schumann had enormous potential. Sadly Schuamnn's dream was cut short by an injury to his hand, and thus his focus on composition began in earnest.

Schumann's musical partner in crime so to speak, was his wife Clara - the daughter of the aforementioned Friedrich Wieck. She was also an accomplished pianist and music prodigy in her own right. The pair maintained a lifelong friendship with that other romantic German composer, Johannes Brahms.

Much of Shumann's early music was exclusively for the piano, however, later on he composed many orchestral works and Lieder songs in addition to his piano output. He works include four symphonies, one opera and other choral and chamber music. Some of his best known works include "Carnaval" and "Fantasie in C".

Free sheet music by Robert Schumann

The Poor Orphan

A Soldier's March