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The cello is the second largest stringed instrument of the violin family. It is generally bowed but can also be plucked. A cello player is known as a "cellist" and the notation is written in the bass clef. The strings of a cello are tuned in perfect fifths and are an octave lower than a viola. The cello emerged around 1530 in nothern Italy, and early paintings show the cello being played alongside violins and violas.

A cello

The cello is most commonly found in the European classical music genre where it is a part of the standard orchestra within the string section. It also serves as the bass voice in the string quartet and appears in many other chamber ensembles.

Well-known works for the cello include Johann Sebastian Bach's "Six Suites for Cello" as well as concertos by Johannes Brahms, Antonín Dvorak and Robert Schumann.

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Henry Purcell.


Henry Purcell.

Op. 24 no. 1 Menuet

Fernando Sor.


Wolfgang Mozart.

Minuet - allegretto

Johann Bach.