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The Italian, Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the piano around the year 1700. Unlike the existing keyboard instruments; the pipe organ and harpsichord, the piano has an expressive capability due to fact that the sound alters corresponding to the force used by the performer to strike the keys. The piano is played by pressing keys on a keyboard with the fingers and thumbs, after which a hammer strikes the strings.

The original name for the instrument was the "pianoforte": this denotes the piano's ability to vary its volume, from soft (piano) to loud (forte) sounds. The piano is classed as a percussive instrument, even though is has strings, due to the fact that a hammer is used to create the sound.

There are two types of piano:
  • The Grand piano

    An instrument in which the soundboard lies horizontally to the floor and thus takes up more spce. It is used in a concert settings and are generally expensive.

  • The Upright piano

    The soundboard stands upright as the name implies, and takes up less space than the Grand. It is ideal for home settings and also as a practice instrument.

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