Free tenor sax sheet music

The tenor saxophone is a member of the saxophone family of instruments, it is a medium sized saxophone. The Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone in the 1840s, when he intended to create an instrument that would play a tonal link between the woodwinds and brass instruments that were at that time popular in marching bands.

This transposing instrument is pitched in the key of Bb and is written in the treble clef, with the sound emanating an octave plus a major second below the written pitch. Tenor saxes have a reed in the mouthpiece; when air is blown through the mouthpiece the reed vibrates and thus generates a series of acoustic resonances which are used to produce music from the instrument. Tenor saxophone players are known as "tenor saxophonists".

The tenor saxophone first gained popularity in one of its original intended roles: the military band. Soon after its invention, French and Belgian military bands began to take full advantage of the instrument which Sax had designed specifically for them.

Soon after its invention the saxophone became popular in its intended role within French and Belgian marching bands. Later on in the 1930s Coleman Hawkins pioneered the use of the tenor sax as a melodic instrument in the jazz genre. Subsequently, many other popular musical idioms followed suit and the instrument could be found being widely played from Rock and roll to Rhythm and blues music.

Op. 24 no. 1 Menuet

Fernando Sor.


Wolfgang Mozart.

Minuet - allegretto

Johann Bach.


Ludwig Beethoven.


Johann Bach.